Thursday, August 8, 2013

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Hello! It's already August...summer's gradually coming to an end...As the seasons change, so does skin and mine has been so very dry and irritated lately (along my jawline and sometimes my cheeks; I think it's the new medication I got). I'm trying everything to make sure my skin stays hydrated, but not too shiny-looking (or full of blemishes...). So today I'm going bring your attention to a FAB cream.

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First Aid Beauty's cream is available in two sizes, 2 oz/56.7g and 6 oz/107.1 g, and costs $12 and $28 respectively. As you can probably deduce, I have the 2 oz size of the product. It is a slightly thick, white cream that is easily absorbed into the skin, rarely causing any stinging (it's made for sensitive skin, but try not to put this over any places with broken skin).

The featured ingredient of the cream is colloidal oat flour which has effective anti-itch properties and can protect damaged skin (according to this). If my skin is merely dry, I find the application of this cream to be rather soothing and it does smooth out my skin with continued use.

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I'll be honest and admit that this is my second tube of the FAB Ultra Repair Cream. I purchased my first one last year in November on a whim in Sephora because my skin was so terrible dry and itchy and everything in between. Using this in tandem with the LRP Toleriane Cleanser really helped to calm my skin down in a matter of days. When I use this cream I don't seem to have any breakouts. I'm glad it's fragrance-free because I know there won't be irritating chemicals on my skin (and sometimes I just don't want face products to smell like flowers). I've applied it all over my face before and my skin has never reacted negatively. This is a product I always keep in my skin care regime because I know it works.
The only problem with this cream would have to be the price. It's kind of expensive for 2 oz of product. The tube lasts a long time, even with daily use I'll have enough to last me four to five months. I would get the huge tube of the cream, but I don't want to be dragging that around or decanting product if I'm traveling (also, it's no the most hygienic thing to be dipping fingers into it everyday). So until I find a reasonable substitute, this has become my go-to cream for when my skin needs the most help.

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  1. Ohh pricey! It sounds lovely though! Worth a treat :)

    Lorraine x