Saturday, August 17, 2013

/Etc/ Girls Camera

I love purikura.


It's so fun to do with friends (all the weird posing) and the timed decorating process afterwards makes for some strange stamps, drawings, and phrases written. I have many real purikura going as far back as 1998 (!). I think my favorites ones were when I went to Japan a few years back for a summer study abroad--they're probably the most entertaining to look back on.

Since getting an Iphone (I've had mine less than a year), I've perused the app store for free apps and came across Girls Camera.
The app has good reviews and the screenshots looked promising so I downloaded it. Here are some picture, selfies for the purpose of this blog, I took:

i took this picture in an airplane

there's a fancy shark..

my favorite

Overall, it's a good picture app. There's a feature that allows for 2+ people which widens the portrait area and has special frames. Sometimes it's a little tricky to place stamps where you want and the text needs to be customized every tim you want to use it, but I like Girls Camera. It has so many cute stamps frames...and since there's no time limit to decorate you could spend hours (maybe not that long, but long enough) making the picture pretty and/or funny. I don't know if you can tell, but in the last picture of me I put circle lens tamps on my eyes (it's difficult to control the size and placement of the eye stamps...even with the guiding buttons to help position and rotate them). There's a diary feature as well where you can keep all your pictures and make notes/comments/further decorate.
If you like purikura and don't feel like paying $5+ to make them or can't stand the limited time decorating, I recommend checking this app out.

Girls Camera is also available for android phones!

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