Friday, August 16, 2013

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This was a featured mini post on Notcouture and I fell in love with the words and the concept. Words Brand focuses on witty phrases printed on bags, apparel, and other miscellaneous items (mugs, iphone/ipad cases). The majority of the designs and witticisms and printing is made in the U.S. (things sold in the EU are printed in Germany). Another awesome feature of the website is customizing your own products. I would love to get the tote bag I "designed" (that was a pre-made phrase; it is hilarious). This reminds me of another company that can customize apparel to your liking...I totally forget the name of it, though. (It was L.A. based...ugh...I went to it once, too.)
Update: The other store that customizes stuff is Neighborhoodies !

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