Thursday, August 22, 2013

/Face/ Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blush

this was purchased by me.

Let's talk about blush. I use it everyday I wear make-up; it's a very automatic process for me even if I don't pay much attention to the process or application. I find that wearing blush really makes you look alive. When your skin gets covered by a layer of foundation/tinted moisturizer/bb or cc cream, it becomes flat. With a pop of color on your cheeks you appear more alive rather than...ghost-like.

This is Sonia Kashuk's beautifying blush in Lilly.

yes, i've used it a few times

Sonia Kashuk is a beauty brand exclusive to Target featuring cosmetics and tools. This blush retails for around $10, but I got mine at about half price because I think they were discontinuing the color. From the website, you can see that Sonia Kashuk's products have adopted a black packaging as opposed to the older white version you see here.
Lilly is a peachy-pink powder blush with tiny, gold glitter flecks (I think the closest shade that exists in the line now is Melon which appears to be matte...but I'm not 100% sure). I guess that kind of description would remind people of Nars'Orgasm blush although I don't have that blush so I can't really say.

heavy swatch, blended out

I have to say, this blush is really, really powdery. When a blush brush comes in contact to the product it starts a dust storm. Almost. It's impossible to see the glitter, I imagine it flutters away in the dust storm or gets lost in the bristles of my brush. Other than that, it's a pretty color. So, how does it do on my face?

no flash

my blush is up here

with flash

It might not be very visible in the pictures, but I did quite a heavy application of the llly blush. In real life, the color is pronounced and actually comes across as more orangey-pink. I could not detect any glitter on my face from the blush. It lasts for around seven hours before it starts to fade and look patchy on the face. (A note on my placement of blush: I prefer to apply it higher up on my cheekbones because I have a rounder face. It helps with lifting and creating some dimension, I suppose. I think I also get naturally flushed on them too...)

This is a decent blush, but it doesn't quite live up to the other Sonia Kashuk blushes I've tried (flamingo is a nice shade that I had and used up entirely about two years ago). It's disappointing that the glitter gets lost and the formula is too much on the powdery side. I really like the minimalist packaging and the fact that it's good for travel and that it's not tested on animals (ah! here are the ingredients),'s just not a blush I reach for often.

bright young person loves it

this much.

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