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/Hair/ Dial Kids Body + Hair Wash

this was purchased be me.

Sometimes I really like to streamline my routine and I seek out products that can be used for multiple purposes. I also really like to use baby and kid products because I believe them to be more gentle on the skin (bonus points if they're natural/organic/cruelty-free and smell yummy). I picked this up in the middle of last month when I ran out of shampoo and I wanted to try something new.

First off, this hair and body wash fulfills some of the requirements I listed above (2 in 1? Check. Kid's product that should be irritant free? Check. Smells yummy? Check...and more on that later). I think one of the main reasons I chose this one was because of the little whale on the bottle and the price (around $3-4, I got mine from Target). This particular scent was also marketed as being formulated by pediatric dermatologists with other claims as listed below.

The scent is described as Peachy Clean and it really smells peachy. It's like taking a whiff of peach gummies, which I enjoy very much, but for those who don't much care for that sort of candy scent or for saccharine fruity scents this might not be for you (and if you find a bottle in a store you can most certainly pop the lid and have a smell for yourself to see if it's something you like). Having decided that I liked the smell of it (mmm, peach gummies!), I looked forward to shampooing and maybe the occasional body wash.
The product comes out as a clear, thick liquid. It the peachy scent is very strong and I suppose the wash is made for kids 2+ because anyone around that age might be tempted to eat some.

directions and ingredients

I was so excited to try this and the first time I did, I reveled in the candy smell that filled the shower. I poured some product into my hands then directly applied to my hair. It seriously smelled so delicious and sweet. I rinsed and conditioned as usual.
Now, this product doesn't promise to make your hair shiny or hydrated or frizz-free nor does it say it moisturizes the skin, but I was very upset by the way my hair felt as it started to dry after my shower. I always air dry my hair and I'll comb it out and make sure it dries in the way I want it to (my hair is rather wavy at the ends so I try to make everything be wavy in one direction...if that makes sense). It was strange that time because my hair felt super thick and difficult to comb through, almost like there was something stuck in my hair (you gum or honey or maple syrup). It felt heavy and disgusting...but at the time I dismissed it as something else. When my hair ended up feeling the same way after every shower for a week, I suspected it was the Dial Kid's Peachy Clean. This is supposed to at least clean my hair and body, but it didn't feel as if it was doing the former. I tried a different shampoo one day (it was travel size Head & Shoulders) and my hair was back to normal: manageable and shiny rather than heavy and dull. I was so hopes for a delicious-scented, multi-use hair product were completely dashed. I stopped using it as a shampoo for a couple weeks (it works fine as a body wash; the scent dissipates after it's been washed off). review isn't over yet. As I was showering one day, sulking over the failure of the Dial Kids was, I picked up the bottle of peachy clean and read the description and directions again (do other people do product reading in the shower?). This caught my eye:

Work into a lather. Whhaaatt?? That changed everything. As I mentioned earlier, I had been applying the product directly from the bottle to my head (basically). The next time I took a shower I tried the lathering method with the product before putting it in my hair. I have to say that made all the difference. My hair was clean, tangle-free, and shiny like it normally gets. I was so pleased to know I could still use the Dial Kids for my hair and body without any issues.
Once I figured out how to make this product work, I was so happy and relieved I could still use it as a shampoo.

normal, clean hair

It seems to be gentle on my dyed hair and it really is tear free (well, it doesn't irritate my eyes too much). I love the peachy smell (it lingers for a while after shampooing, even if you use a different scented conditioner) and it's a good price for a 2 in 1 wash. If I was traveling, I would definitely pack some with me or pick it up again.

bright young person loves it

this much.

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