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/Make-up/ Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream

this was given to me as a gift.

I know I mentioned these nearly a month ago and now I'm finally getting around to reviewing them. I've used these bb creams many times since the last time I mentioned of them. It appears bb creams have had their rise and are beginning their slow fall (CC creams are the new it face products), so I'd like to bring home, to where bb creams got their start.

From my knowledge, (I'm not going to start spewing sources here, this is just stuff I heard, but you're more than welcome to do your own research via google or wikipedia) bb creams were created in Germany by a plastic surgeon of sorts when one of his clients asked for something to help cover scars and expedite healing in the post-op. Thus bb creams were born. When Korean people started getting plastic surgery more frequently (it's rumored one of them went to Germany and got hold of this stuff), bb creams gained popularity for their multiply benefits, namely their spf and moisturizing qualities. This product isn't an innovation, really, it just sort of got noticed and westernized. It was a new market to tap into in the Americas and Europe.
That's enough about the short history of bb creams according to Laura.

The Etude House bb creams I was given are two of the four available shades. The ones I have are #2 Natural Beige and #3 Honey Beige.

description from the box


I was really surprised to find English on the packaging, but then I remembered that Etude House also has stores in the Philippines and Singapore and other Southern Asian countries so it started to make sense. According to the website, this bb cream "promote[s] moist, radiant looking skin while protecting against UV damage and wrinkles" and it contains "Pearl Mineral Powder Brightening, Coverage Pearl, Brightening Care Sea Algae, Antioxidant Moisture Care". Looking at the ingredient list, I was shocked, really, truly so, to see so many oils listed. Since this is also supposed to make your face "look radiant" and with all the oils in it, I was afraid my skin would erupt in an oily mess (it's what happens with combination-oily skin). I'm not someone who likes a shiny face. Ever.

The amount of product Etude House puts in each package of this bb cream is a lot. Like, more than 2x what you get in western bbb creams for around the same price (check it out via Amazon). Each of these tubes are 2.11 oz (60 g) whereas other bb creams (and most foundations) are around 1 oz (30 g). Then again, this bb cream is advertised as having "sheer coverage" which might prompt for more product use.

I like the hygienic aspect of a pump to dispense product. It's just, sometimes it's too difficult to control how much comes out and I'll be left with excess bb cream...It's a good idea and design in theory and in some practice, I only wish it worked better here.

swatches: honey beige, natural beige, honey & natural mixed

From the swatches above, honey seems a little too dark, natural is a little to light, but when mixed together they make a pretty good match for my skin tone. I have worn each bb cream on its own and found that it looks fine as the product is a tad sheer. My skin will just look slightly lighter when I have Natural Beige on.

This is my morning face. ...I look dreadfully tired. So. I look like this after waking up, washing my face, and putting on basic skincare (cleansing, toning, treatmenting, moisturizing, sunscreening). You can see I have a few blemishes and dry, red spots on my face. I don't know what to say...anyway, I now present to you my face after applying bb cream and nothing else (I used a mixture of Natural and Honey Beige).

My problems are covered and my face looks lighter...evened-out? It's not so red and splotchy, I suppose. Here's my finished look:

I set everything with the Tarte Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder (I have a sample size and it's quite good, I tell you what). I like how I look glowy on my cheeks. For reference, all the pictures above are without flash.

I liked the results. My face was radiant and dewy and brightened. Then two hours passed and my face was suddenly besmirched with oil. My pores stood out like little craters on my face. It was startling. (No pictures of horror for you to see--it's too embarrassing.) So I went and blotted my face and brushed on powder. My face looked better after that, promptly staying shine-free until five hours later. From that experince, I wouldn't recommend this bb cream for people with really oily skin unless you adequately set your make-up and prepare to touch up throughout the day. It does a decent job of covering up minor flaws, but it is supposed to give sheer coverage. Wearing this does "whiten" the skin, as with most Asian bb creams, but as for the anti-wrinkling and anti-darkening (?) claims...I haven't worn this bb cream long enough to notice any of that.

bright young person loves it

this much

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