Thursday, July 18, 2013

/Make-up/ Chanel Vitalumière Aqua

this product was purchased be me.

I've had this bottle for a while, longer than recommended, and I'm sure there's still a lot of product inside. This is a foundation I often reach for because it can even out and basically perfect the appearance of my skin. Whenever I'm in a rush and need to look presentable, I grab this the Vitalumière Aqua to put on my face. It goes on effortlessly, is travel friendly, and it's Chanel.

The color doesn't match me exactly (I look best in it during the spring and fall months), but it works well enough to brighten my complexion.

Ingredients can be found here. I've seen mixed reviews for this foundation: some love it, others scorn it. There are some ingredients that could cause skin troubles and if your skin is overly sensitive, I would advise you test in store, which is exactly what I did when I got this. It was my first time going to the Chanel counter and I was nervous about the whole thing, but the lady who helped me was friendly enough. I was matched to 30 beige (I was somewhere between 30 and 40, actually, and I opted to get the lighter because fall was coming).

I liked how the vitalumière aqua went on smooth and light, very much like a second layer of skin. I couldn't feel anything on my skin (as opposed to the mat lumière foundation the Chanel make-up lady tried on me first) yet I looked fresh-faced and radiant. Perhaps that was a placebo effect of it simply being Chanel, but over the course of time, this has become one of my favorite foundation formulas. It's fun to apply as you have to shake the bottle first, maybe I like this because I'm still too young at heart, so that the pigments mix with the base. The texture is very thin, like water, and blends into the skin to nearly nothing. I love the way it smells, even as I can be sensitive to such things, which is like fresh cucumbers and jasmine tea. By now you're wondering, "That's all well and good, but, pray tell, how does the stuff look on your face??"

saying good morning! with no flash

Here is my morning face, right after cleansing and slapping on necessary skin products. It looks I'm a little red, uneven, and dull. Let's try to look more presentable.

no flash

You can see how my skin looks even, in tone and texture, and it is also considerably brighter.

no flash

This is my finished look and I set everything with loose powder. It looks rather natural, slightly glowing, and even. This foundation includes SPF 15 which is moderate sun protection (I always layer sunscreen underneath) and, as some might worry, it has never caused any flashback when I'm photographed with flash. The vitalumière aqua lasts basically all day (8+ hours) and it has never transferred onto clothes or fabric when I've worn it. Throughout the day it wears well and I don't get significantly oily, my skin maintains a demi-matte look.

This has been a wonderful product for me to use in the mornings when I don't have enough time, but I'd like to at least make my face look ok. The coverage is light to medium-light and won't cover every single flaw you have, but I find it to cover enough while maintaining the natural radiance of one's skin (also, you can always use concealer). Would I get this again? Yes. I would recommend the vitalumière aqua for those who want a sheer, perfecting foundation and it's definitely a Chanel product you should try at least once. It costs $45 for 30ml/1 fl. oz., expensive, yes, but $10 less than the other Chanel foundations. The packaging is plastic and compact so it won't break if dropped (this has happened to me) and you can tote it around anywhere. As small as the bottle is, you don't need to apply much to get decent coverage and it should last you a long time, even if you use it everyday. And if it's good enough for Daisy Lowe it's more than good for me.

bright young person loves it

this much.

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