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/Nails/ Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots Nail Polish

this product was purchased by me.

This is my first nail polish post! How exciting! I'm not at all being sarcastic; I have numerous nail polishes and I really should discuss them at length here, but most of the ones I wear often are limited editions or the same colors...not necessarily easily acquired. Anyway, this is a new addition to Maybelline's line of color show nail polishes. It's the first one I've tried from the brand since they relaunched their polish line. I don't think this is limited edition, as evident from the Maybelline website, and I think this is a lower priced alternative to the Illamasqua and Deborah Lippman and Etsy versions out in the market today.

The color I chose to get out of the five available was Blue Marks the Spot (95). It's a milky cerulean blue with hexagonal navy and white confetti specks in varying sizes interspersed throughout.

close up of the polish

I couldn't decide whether I wanted this one or the green (Drops of Jade), but I have a soft spot for blue nail polishes so this one came home with me. Since these aren't that expensive at about $3 each, one could easily pick up all five without breaking the bank. However, these varnishes have slightly less product in them, .23 fl oz/ 7ml, versus the average .5 fl oz/ 15 ml. At least they're formaldehyde, DBP andtoluene free. I was very excited to try this as I'd read about it in blogs and the polish itself looked very pretty. I was hopping for good, opaque coverage with it. Here's what happened.

blue marks the spot alone on pinky and ring finger, layered over another polish in middle and forefinger

This polish is so sheer. That's two coats of it on my pinky and ring finger. There's barely any tint of blue! I was disappointed, to say the least. On the site, this is described as being a "chip-resistant nail polish formula for bolder color that just won't quit." Bold color? No. But, there's saving grace in this polish because it layers so well over others. I applied Hello Kitty Blueberry nail polish as a base on my middle and forefingers before going in with the polka dots polish. It looks so much better, actually pretty, and almost like some bird's eggs (these are blue jays').

I did my other hand with the same layering of blueberry + polka dots and I like the overall effect. Aside from looking like speckled eggshells, it almost looks like paintings, like paint splatters--not exactly Jackson Pollack, but something painty without all the mess.

got me nails did

After having this polish on for nearly a week, I noticed that it did start to chip relatively early without a base or top coat (also when applied on the other polish). With base and top coat after being layered (I highly recommend you layer this colors show polish with another light to medium blue shade, lest you prefer the really sheer look) it lasts the week well with subtle tip wear. The one pain is removal because those little confetti glitter things stick on like they've been applied with super glue.
For what it is, it's a decent nail varnish. Nothing extraordinary about the formula I could tell from this experience (then again, I've not tried any other Maybelline Color Show polishes). It has an artsy, cool look on the nails, especially over cream formulas in the similar color family. I generally like this product and the price is right. I might pick up the green and pink ones, too.

bright young person loves it

this much.

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