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These products were purchased by me.

Remember my earrings post featuring stuff from Forever 21 and mentioned their sale stuff was an additional 30% off? The location I happened to go to also had a ton of beauty stuff on sale, too, and I picked up three lipsticks.

I think these products are being discontinued as they are no longer on the F21 website, but you might be able to still find them in stores in the sale section.

Their original price was $2.80 and they got marked down to $.99 + 30% off (so it was almost 3 for the price of one!).

There were only three colors available for the creme lipsticks, so I just picked up one of each.

left to right: cherry, rose, pink

pink, rose, cherry swatches


I like how richly pigmented these look. They are indeed very creamy lipsticks that have a lot of slip, kind of like YSL Rouge Volupté lipsticks if you've ever tried them. Love & Beauty creme lipsticks are also heavily scented. When I first opened a tube, the scent seemed very familiar, like I had another product that smelled just like it. It's a sweet marshmallow-y, vanilla-y smell. It took me a while to figure it out, but these lipsticks smell exactly like NYX soft matte lip creams (intensified by 5x). So if you like that sort of scent or if you don't you'll be prepared for what wafts out the tube.
So how do these hold up on the lips, you ask? Here's what I've experienced when wearing these things: the color goes on very smoothly, dry flakes on the lips will be accentuated (moisturize prior to application), my lips felt drier the longer I had it on, the scent fades within minutes, and the darker colors stained my lips.

This is the shade called Pink. It looks really light here, but on my lips the color is more pronounced and appears as a pale pink that would better suit someone with a cooler skin tone and less pigmented lips. I can get away with wearing this when I wear heavy/darker eye make-up as it will even a look out.

This is the Rose creme lipstick and I liked it the best in terms of wearability. It's my lips, but pinker, really, and this is the lipstick I could just swipe on daily with probably anything. It looks the most natural on me.

This is the red lipstick, cherry. When I wore this, I noticed that it did leave a stain after the initial color wore off. It's a very bright, neutral red and didn't clash with my skin tone. For daily wear I would find this quite bold; Cherry is best suited for a night out or when I'm feeling saucy (which is rare). After seeing all the creme lipsticks on my lips, seeing the ones that suited me and others that didn't so well, I decided to make use of all the lipsticks. I figured the pink and cherry shades would get the least use from me and I wanted to maximize the options and benefits of my cheap purchase. I layered them together to see what they'd look like and I was pleasantly surprised:



These lipsticks become so much more wearable, like, something I'd actually swipe on my lips when I need a bit of color. I very much like the cherry and pink combo. It's very coral-y pink and bright.
I'm glad that there lipsticks were on sale. That's not to say I wouldn't purchase them at regular price, because I might've, but I mean that I;m glad I got to try a variety of colors for the price of one. I think F21 has other lipsticks (should these be all gone from that massive sale they were having), but I'm not sure if they'd be similar as I haven't tried them. I wasn't expecting much from these products, there were no claims about a long wear-time or moisturizing or plumping. For a plain Jane lipstick, these do all right. Although, they're probably difficult to find now.

bright young person loves these

this much

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