Thursday, May 2, 2013

/How-to/ I, Brow

Do any of you remember when ITG made a post about how they were looking to hire contributing editors? Yeah? I applied (no chance in Hell would I ever be picked) and here's the submission I sent in, complete with web references and pictures.

Eyebrows: the often-neglected facial feature that seems to only get attention when they become unruly (i.e.: too hairy). In response to this unruliness we turn to tweezing, threading or waxing—to an extreme extent there’s brow bleaching as well. Sometimes we go overboard; sometimes we don’t do enough, but these procedures might have to go on hiatus as it seems bold brows have become the new statement eye (in case you haven’t noticed see here (originally supposed to be Marc Jacobs), here (because I like this better than Rochas), and here). 

My eyebrows have a leisure life. They get tweezed once in a while, but usually remain untouched and hidden behind this fringe. Despite their low-maintenance existence, my eyebrows are fairly full and come up to a nice arch.

It’s the ends that irk me as the hairs are particularly sparse, making it look like I have a gap from 3/4ths of my brow to the end. With all the attention on brows now and for fall, I decided to try filling them in to frame my face as advised by Charlotte Tilbury . Anyone who does make-up for Kate Moss can give me tips on eyebrows anytime.

I mapped out my eyebrow as she demonstrated, using my brow pencil to dot the most defining points of my eyebrow.

Using soft, feathery strokes I filled the less dense parts of my brow and connected the dots. It’s much easier to lightly make a line from the arch to the endpoint of the brow, thickening it as needed. Comb the brow with a spoolie brush… Et voilà!! Bold, beautiful brows worthy of a handsome woman.

That's the end of my original submission. Right now I'd like to do a real quick review of the Rimmel eyebrow pencil featured in this "how-to". I picked mine up at Target for $3.49, but since it's not available online, here's a link to where the same product is listed at $3.09. I'm sure if you peruse your local drugstore/general store with high street make-up, you'll find it.I chose this eyebrow pencil because 1) it had very good reviews on makeup alley, 2) it was cheap (I usually never do anything to my eyebrows, see above for an elaboration on why again), and 3) it looked like it would match my brow(?)hair the best.

I like it so far for what it does. Since eyebrows aren't a main part of doing my face, I really wasn't willing to spend a crazy amount for a product to enhance them. This pencil is actually a good match color-wise to my eyebrows as others are a bit too cool or warm. I don't really think the brush on the cap is all that useful, although it can work in desperate situations to groom brow-hairs. The main problem I have is fading throughout the day, but even then that's not such a bad thing because my fringe covers them up (maybe the oil from my hair reacts with the product...?). All in all this is a good budget eyebrow pencil for someone who wants to experiment with bold brows.

bright young person loves it

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