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/Skin/ Shu Uemura Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil

Given to me as a gift from a family member

This is the cult classic make-up remover from Shu Uemura in a pore clarifying, gentle formula. As Shu Uemura counters have disappeared in U.S. department stores, the only places left to purchase products is online or going to another country that still has them ready to purchase. This particular cleansing oil in the 450ml size sells for $67. The one I have is from South Korea and happened to cost an eensy bit more. One of the reasons I like this product is the packaging--so pink. Granted, it's only the bottle that's pink as the actual cleansing oil is clear. Another nice feature of the packaging is the locking pump which helps prevent accidents lest someone accidently apply pressure on it for other purposes. I first tried these cleansing oils when I was working in Korea and my cousin lured me to use some when I stayed over at her apartment.

It was an interesting experience even though I was scared to rub oil all over my face. The pink bottle of Shu's cleansing oil is known as the fresh pore clarifying gentle cleansing oil. It's made for combination to oily skin types (sounds like me), even those with sensitive skin. On the site, it also says it's "the first step for 'pore-less skin', a lightweight cleansing oil that leaves the skin clean, fresh and refined." This was made to "wash away pore concerns-enlarged pores and clogged pores that lead to blackheads with our innovative Natural Origin system for superb cleansing. effectively remove make-up and impurities inside pores while maintaining the skin’s necessary moisture level. empowered with Sakura Complex, this cleansing oil minimizes pores by eliminating excess sebum and visibly smoothes the skin’s surface."

Since using this almost three months straight, I'm pleased with the way it removes make-up. It only takes 2-3 pumps all over my face and emulsified with water to remove my make-up. I was hesitant to use this as it was so expensive and pretty to look at when it was full of product. I came to realize that neglecting to use it was a waste of amazing product which would be getting bad in 6 months time and it was most likely insulting to my gifter that I wasn't using it (this was expensive, after all). The oil has a pleasant floral scent, I'm not sure real sakura or cherries smell that way, but I like it. As for minimizing pores and smoothing my skin's surface, I've yet to see results. Right after washing off this oil, the skin immediately feels tight and dry. I believe it's a result of the whatever's in the oil to reduce excess sebum. I found that very uncomfortable.

how to use

This cleansing oil only gets action at night where it takes part in the routine of

1)remove eye make-up with Bioderma
2) remove face make-up with shu uemura (if I wear minimal eye make-up I sometimes skip step 1)
3) cleanse with la roche-posay & clairsonic mia

There are so many positive things to say about this product in terms of performance, but the one thing that really irks me is how painful it can be. If it gets in my eyes (like when I use it to get mascara off), it will sting. If I don't wash it all off completely and it gets in my eyes it will sting like crazy. I would advise maneuvering around (or completely avoiding) the eye area.
Would I buy another bottle when this is finished? Probably. I don't have much funds for it, though, so I might get a cheaper cleansing oil in the near future. This bottle looks so pretty in the bathroom. If money weren't an issue then of course I'd get this, it's classic and works well to get make-up off.

bright young person loves it

this much

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