Friday, May 17, 2013

/Lips/ Milani Color Statement Lipstick

This product was purchased by me.

I don't think I've fully divulged this, but I adore pink lipstick. Pink anything on the lips (and it's probably my go-to color for nails when I'm being indecisive). I'm 100% sure this started when I was living in Korea and I became obsessed with the barely-there, translucent, and milky pink lips as seen on many an actress in their dramas. Something like this:


Alas, I could never achieve a look like that as my lips are vibrantly pigmented rather than deathly pale and the color would clash with my tanned, healthy skin (I know because I have tried).
Back to this lipstick, though.
I already hoard lip products like a squirrel does nuts in autumn, but I do it all the time, so you can imagine all the pinky lip things in my arsenal. This was a recent purchase after I had seen swatches and such on nouveau cheap. I loved the color of fruit punch and aspired to attain it one day. It costs $5.49 as listed on the Milani website, but I picked mine up at Target. As it's in my possession now, let's take a closer look at it.


Look at that gorgeous, creamy, bright pink. It seems super saturated with color, but will it prevail in the battle against my pigmented lips?

normal lips

fruit punched

I really like how this is a warmer bright pink. It's noticeable, but not screaming for attention. The application above is not a full swipe of lipstick, I think it would too much lip, as I never apply lipstick that way (I might do a post on how I do that later). Either way it would be true to color, the intensity would only vary.

I'm not sure if I can attest for the other lip colors in the collection, but this really smells like fruit punch. Not so much the real thing, but, like, fruit punch jolly ranchers. Anyway, for those that never experienced such things, the lipstick's scent is very sweet and fruity that's a touch tart. It can be overwhelming so those sensitive to stronger scents might not like it (& it does linger for 5-10 minutes on the lips). The wear time is great; my lips stay colored for hours, but it does have a tendency to be drying in which case I apply a matching or clear lip balm (and then maybe put another layer of lipstick). I've worn this lipstick countless times since I purchased it. I really love the color, it's perfect for summer and goes with my skin tone so well. It's pretty much perfect in terms of what I'm looking for in a pigmented lipstick.

bright young person loves it

this much

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