Tuesday, May 7, 2013

/Hair/ Chopped

So, I've gone and had my hair cut. I went on Saturday to a Korean 미용실, beauty place, in K-Town. It's the only place I've gone to do my hair for the past six or seven years. I've gone through many hair changes from a perm to bleaching my hair entirely and then dyeing it a light brown at this place. My hairdresser does an exceptional job as she knows my hair so well and I think the interior is well designed (oh, how I relish looking at all the magazines they stock). If you don't mind the k-pop and normal pop blasting in the background or the fact that the hair stylists there have limited conversation skills in English, this is an excellent place to get hair and make-up done.

It's significantly shorter than it was before, in case you didn't notice/couldn't see previously:

sorry...do i look a little scary?
The length of my hair reached the middle of my back, measuring around 18" from the top of my head to the the longest point. My hair is now grazing my shoulders all around.

This is right after the haircut in my car. For me, it's still a drastic shock to see how short it is. My head feels much lighter and I'm no longer annoyed by hair grazing my back.

a side view

It's, like, a real major change, but it feels normal. It feels right. I haven't had my hair this short in nearly three years. When I was looking back at pictures, I thought, "Yes. This is exactly what I need because my hair is too voluminous to handle and I seriously need to get rid of this ombre-ish ends." I do like long hair and I'm going to let this grow out for a while, but I wanted something new and slightly on trend.
Stay tuned for when I go crazy with my hair style again! Most likely sometime next week.

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