Saturday, May 3, 2014

/Lenses/ GEO Starmish Black Circle Lenses

this was purchased by me.

Remember when I did that post about Mai Hirose because I like her as a model/person. I mentioned about the lenses that she designed, the Starmish series from GEO. Well, I finally got them! I bought my lenses from Eyecandy's and I'd like to share my thoughts on the black lenses from the series: Starmish Black.

I decided to use the black lenses first because I haven't worn black lenses before. I was interested in seeing how they would make my eyes look. Sweet and cute? Ok, I like that.


The lenses are 14.5 mm in diameter and have a water content of 38%. These lenses can last about one year before they expire. Like all GEO lenses, these are made in South Korea and have verification stickers with code to check authenticity online. The Starmish black lenses are designed with a black ring around the circumference of the lens with black dots and a few alternating lines radiating inwards, becoming less concentrated as they go in. The dots stop about halfway, leaving the center empty. The overall effect makes the lenses look like little dark galaxies.

It's not really noticeable in the picture above, but the black design on the lens actually starts a little farther away from the edge. This made me wonder if that would affect how big it made my eyes look. Well, let's see what it's like on. This is what my normal eyes look like:

natural light

This is what my eyes look like after putting in the lenses:

natural light

The enlargement is quite good; it's like I have bigger eyes that aren't too big. Since this is a single tone lens using black, the look is rather natural and would be great for daily wear. The Starmish Black lenses are comfortable in the eye and I'm able to wear them for 6+ hours without any irritation. Here's a close-up of how the lens looks on the eye:

natural light

This is a close-up with flash. You can see the black design better here.


I'm pleased with the way the lenses look. I like to wear this pair on days when I want to look natural and cute. I think it does wonders in making me look awake, too.

full-face look

I think the GEO Starmish Black lenses are great for subtly defined eyes. The enlargement is there, but since the color and design aren't over-the-top, the resulting look is cute and wide-eyed. This would be a good choice to try for someone new to circle lenses.
As a repeat customer at Eyecandy's, I like their customer service and free shipping. Delivery always takes about two weeks, which is great considering when the products are shipped from, and they always notify when your purchases have been shipped, also sending a tracking number. Eyecandy's is one of my favorite places to purchase lenses and beauty products because they have a good variety at a good price.

.good enlargement

.a little pricey

bright young person loves it

this much.

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