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/Skin/ Missha Time Revolution White Cure Blanc Sun Protector

this was purchased by me.

I bought this a while ago as I got this with the the Missha Complexion Coordinating BB Cream, but I started using this recently (like a few months ago) as I needed a new sunscreen. I was excited to try this because it's supposed to have whitening properties to get rid of any skin discolorations (e.g.: darks spots from the sun, acne scars, etc.). After using this daily for months, I'd like to share my thoughts on it with you.

This sells for $20 1.8 oz/50 g. This is part of the last step (for the day) in Missha's Time Revolution White Cure line. It's described as
"White Cure Blanc Sun Protector creates a strong shield to block harmful environmental factors and protect skin from UV rays. The creamy texture helps smooth and correct skin tone naturally without stickiness. Also provides brightening and wrinkle repairing benefits" and "the tinted sun protector moisturizes skin with a fresh, shine-free finish; great as a makeup base. Use it all year round to get healthy, glowing skin!" on the website.

This features special ingredients such as "Neo-White LP to create clean and clear skin. Fermented Rice Water is rich in vitamins to nourish the skin and provide a brightening effect. Lotus Flower Extract soothes, protects, and moisturizes skin."
Here are more details from the box:

This is the ingredient list, which was much longer than I was expecting:

I wasn't very happy to see some parabens, BHT, and PEGs in the list. These can be harmful chemicals, but the ingredient list on the website is slightly different from what was on my package. Anyway, this dispenses from a narrow opening which makes it easy to control how much sunscreen you wish to use. It's also fairly hygienic as you don't expose all of the product to the air or your skin when it's open.

Here are the directions for applying it on the face.

against animal testing, yet not cruelty-free

I was hoping this product would be tinted enough on its own, almost like a tinted moisturizer, but after I swatched it I thought otherwise. It is a light, yellowy-beige when it comes out of the tube which melts into the skin. It has a slight floral scent the disappears in a few minutes. I don't find it bothersome as it's not a strong scent, but it might be a problem for those who prefer fragrance-free products.

It doesn't have any coverage and it doesn't really improve the way the skin looks. Here's a comparison of my face with and without the sunscreen.

no sun protector/with sun protector

I can't tell any difference in my face, I look shiny in the before and after shot. Something I don't quite like about this is that I need a lot of product to cover my face. I thought I would be able to use a pea-sized amount, but it barely covered half my face. This sunscreen is also difficult to spread on the skin; the patting method is a much better way to apply it.
As much as I wanted this to provide some coverage, I found that it acts as a pretty good make-up primer. It keeps me from getting too oily throughout the day. The White Cure Blanc Sun Protector doesn't leave my skin completely matte, but allows my skin to glow naturally.

make-up on top of the suncreen

Over the course of the months I've used this, I hadn't noticed my skin getting brighter quicker. It took around the same amount of time (about a month) for my acne scars to disappear and my other sun spots remained. Maybe this is more effective if you use the complete Time Revolution White Cure range. On it's own this is a nice sunscreen that primes the skin well for make-up. I don't think this is something I would repurchase again as it simply acts as a sunscreen in my daily routine. I can get a cheaper sunscreen that basically does the same thing. If I ever try more of the Time Revolution range I might get this again to see if this works better.

.high SPF, 50+
.easy to travel with
.easy to use
.good make-up base (glowy)

.no real brightening effect
.difficult to spread on the face

bright young person loves it

this much.

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