Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In the beginning

Hello and welcome to this blog. What makes this one so special? What are its unique qualities that will keep you coming back to read new posts? Well, I suppose, nothing yet. This is not my only foray into blogging. I have a personal blog I've maintained (to quite a sorry extent these days which I blame on the absence of fun or interesting things happening) for almost seven years. I decided to make this separate blog solely for beauty & style. Why? I just didn't think those topics fared well with my other posts...which were usually regarding vague things that were a bit sad or weird. They didn't fit the persona of the blog and made a bigger impact in my life much later on, but they're such an important aspect of my who I am now and I want to share with who'll ever end up here (on accident or not) all the bits and pieces I've learned and loved.
This is very late in the game of the style/beauty/pretty/reviewing/omg-I'm-an-empowered-lady kinda thing, je sais. What makes this any different? At the moment, I don't know. I'm really no expert in anything, not a professional whatever-have-you either. I hope it's worth something, if not merely a personal reference for me. So, I hope others will enjoy and learn from this...experiment of sorts.

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