Monday, April 22, 2013

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L.A. has started to warm up. With the sun shining and temperatures rising, I can't stop thinking about the changes to be made for my wardrobe. I've made a pinterest board about things I would wear on end this summer (I really like the Kate Mouse/David Bowie mash-up tank). ...A girl can dream about these things..right?
One thing I'd really like to get this summer is a pair of cut-off, utterly distressed denim shorts. Surprisingly enough, I don't have a pair in my arsenal as I generally prefer clean, stream-lined (usually) chino shorts. I thought of them as uncouth--the way they're all tattered and too short, the kinds of girls I saw wearing them didn't seem like people I could ever associate myself with. I took a second look at cutoffs, they're too irresistible, and decided that with the right styling they could look laid-back cool rather than frat house party-ready. Having scoured the internet and some stores in real life, these pairs from Zara have caught my attention:

ripped faded denim shorts in light grey ©zara

ripped denim shorts in navy ©zara

ripped and faded denim bermudas in black ©zara

These standout because they have the right amount of authentic destruction in my eyes and are probably better quality than something from, say, somewhere like this? The price for the Zara shorts are a tad too high, though, they're better made and not as expensive or tacky as this from Urban Outfitters. Although these, for their price aren't too bad for UO. Of course I much like Zara's selection and quality of clothes over other mid-range priced stores. I'll plan an outing to check out all these shorts in person and try them on. I'll be damned if I go another summer without decent cut-offs!
Other things I hope to put on during the summer:

my bright & shiny jewelry

shopped-from-my-closet sandals

tie-dye cap

and these dresses.

marni for h&m

bunny print maeve from anthropoligie i got sunday

Yep. I'm so almost ready for summer.

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