Friday, April 19, 2013

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This product was purchased by me.

I've decided to dedicate a whole category only for lips (and also for nails when I start posting about that). There's something about lip products that just stand out from general make-up and skincare for me. I'm going to admit that lip products are what I hoard more than anything else. I hate having dry lips and as a child my lips were always cracked and bloody from being so dry. I didn't much care for lip balm then, but as I got older I discovered how magical it was.
I picked this up recently in Forever 21. I was actually looking for this product. It was nowhere to be found at the F21 location I was at so I settled for this because it says "pigmented" and there were four colors (.176 oz each) for $4.80. I like the small tubes because I'm not much of a lip gloss person. I don't really like to have shiny lips all the time so these mini glosses would be great for me to try and test out.

cruelty free!

There's a baby pink, a peachy pink, a light fuchsia, and pinky-beige. All the glosses come with a doe-foot applicator. The packaging looks quite cute with the gold labeling on the tubes matching the shiny gold-colored cap. The scent of the gloss is very sweet, very vanilla, with a tiny floral element. It's not too bothersome, but I found that it does linger for almost 10 minutes (then again, I have a very sensitive nose).

As these swatches will allude to, there doesn't seem to be much pigmentation going on. A little, not a lot. All of them appear to have glitter, except the beige, and all of them look quite sheer...And look what happens when I apply them to my lips:

bare lips

baby pink gloss

peachy-pink gloss

fuchsia gloss

pinky-beige gloss

My lips are naturally very pigmented. I have a difficult time finding lip products that have enough opacity to change the color of them. These glosses were supposed to be "pigmented", but as you can see, none of that is happening on my lips (they all look the same after the first photo, right?). They're certainly shiny as that's the kind of thing lip gloss does. I'm disappointed in the performance of this gloss. I was hoping they would really be pigmented...I let them set for a few minutes too, anticipating a change/final settling into their true colors. Also! The packaging for these things is flimsy. I accidentally dropped the pinky-beige one and the plastic part of the tube near the cap cracked.Gloss oozes out when I try to close it now...:(
Maybe if you have seriously pale lips this might work for you. If you have lips like mine, then these might work as natural glosses to add some shine. A few good things about these: they're really moisturizing while worn, last about three hours, and aren't too sticky.

bright young person loves it

this much.

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