Friday, April 26, 2013

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There are few talented actors and models I actually like as people. Emma Stone is quite easily one of my favorite actresses. She's so real. Real when she gives interviews and acts in movies and has her picture taken. From what I've seen of her work, she's funny, nonchalant, and adorable. I want to be her friend so we can joke about people with apprehensive grammar. I love her as a redhead. I love her as a blonde (but probably a little less so). She has an unconventionally soothing raspy voice. When the February issue of W Magazine came out I was set on buying it, but I procrastinated too long, finding the only copies left had ripped and bent pages. I can't believe I missed out on this:

© W magazine

If you're an avid fan of Emma like me and you're interested in her beauty habits (she is one of many celebrity faces for Revlon), here's a linkfest to interviews where she discusses them:

.Fave Revlon Produts

.Beauty Essentials

.R29 Craziness

.Vogue Talks Beauty & Fashion

.Cosmo does Emma (NEW!)

I reference her beauty profile often when I'm looking for a new product. Or I may simply trying to become Emma, but I wouldn't want to be that pale.
Hopefully this is a useful post regarding Emma Stone's beauty routine.

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