Friday, April 26, 2013

/Style/ Ann Taylor Surprises

As I'm still a young person, I don't often venture into stores targeted for those ten years younger or older than me (with some exceptions). I'm very picky about the clothes, shoes, and accessories I wear. At this point in my life I know exactly what I want, but hold reservations if I need it or not (which, when done correctly, often results in me saving money and coming home without something unnecessary). It's a different scenario with quality, high-end pieces, but this post is not about that. This is all about how fab Ann Taylor is.

When I think of a store like Ann Taylor the immediate image is of a middle-aged lady who may or may not be a business woman shopping there. Someone like my mom if she were taller and liked to buy more expensive, Hamptons-esque clothes. I happened to go in an Ann Taylor store two days ago, slightly allured by the additional 50% off sale prices. I was immediately drawn to the sunglasses. The store was having a promo for them, offering two for $34 or one for $24.95. I found a great pair (see picture above) I really liked and the quality of it seemed higher than that of something from F21 or H&M or UO. The accessories in Ann Taylor look super nice (see the clutch above???), high-end and on-trend. Even though I didn't get the sunglasses (yet), I was able to find this adorable bracelet for around $13.

If you haven't checked out an Ann Taylor near you, I encourage you to do so. There might be a surprise waiting for you.

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