Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I actually have a name.

It's Laura and that's as much as I'm going to divulge at this time at this place. I'm Asian (two different kinds of Asian, but I don't want to say which now..or ever...or publicly now) and I was born in the U.S. I spent time overseas studying in Japan and the U.K. and I worked for a while in South Korea. Right now I'm based in L.A., a place that I have come to adore over the past fifteen years. There's just something that makes it so unique and exciting, a sensation I've never gotten from any other city on the east or west coasts in the U.S. (Chicago will always be my favorite midwest place).
How in the world would I get sucked into the realm of beauty and style? I never wore make-up willingly in high school (it was enforced in my dance class for performances). I despised mascara with a vengeance. I gave up nail polish for for almost 10 years. Those were dark times, but the truth would probably be that I didn't need make-up then, I didn't have time to do it, and it wasn't something truly essential to me. Except lip balm. I cannot do without that. I have always taken skincare quite seriously. Style? I was a closet observer of trends because I never thought I could be the one who actually looked good. Thank goodness I gained a bit of confidence to know I'm some level of beautiful no matter what.

Why am I a bright young person? I originally took inspiration from the idea of the Café Society. I liked it, but the name was a little off for what this was going to become. I soon learned the members of this society were called beautiful people...and I almost went with something like that, but it didn't fit me. So I settled on their other moniker of "bright young people" (I abandoned bright young thing when I learned of the fiasco involving Victoria's Secret). This is being beautiful in an experimental, thoughtful, intellectual, bohemian's probably thoroughly unconventional, but it's one of many perspectives one should have in regards to beauty. I don't think being a bright young person is limited by age at all; for me, it is an outlook on how we should approach the known and unknown. bright young people are curious and live for now. What kind of adventures will I be having? Um. Many involving the beauty/skincare/style world. As carefree as this will be, I would personally focus on the basics before branching out. To be honest, I am afraid of where this is going, where it will end up.
For references regarding beauty products: I have a warm undertone, medium-light (during fall/winter) to medium, and I tan easily (as I have never had my skin matched to MAC foundation I have no idea what my coloring code is, but I am matched to Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua in 30/40 beige). The skin on my face is on the oily side and my skin is also sensitive (as evident by the dry, irritated patches on my jaw). Yes, I have breakouts (whiteheads, cystic monsters) and visible pores with blackheads. I have a thick mane of hair on my head that's mostly strait and a little wavy. It is too voluminous for my preference. I don't think I can live in good conscience without fringe in my eyes. My skin overall is very much sensitive. I do have eczema, the flare-ups have subsided for the most part, and I'm quite wary of what goes on my skin and what I consume. Alas, there are still scars from where I scratched too much...
Well, here is other information about me that doesn't directly talk about me.

I have two cockatiels.

They have been my pet of choice for almost nine years (interspersed with a pair of parakeets).

I have a dog who is four years old.

He's a dachshund-maltese mix.

Enough about me and my pets. Here is a disclaimer about the what's to be featured here in the near future: I will be reviewing products I've purchased or have been gifted and will always disclose the source of the product(s). The majority of the things here will be available for purchase/checking out in real life with certain exceptions of limited edition/things I received as personal gifts from people and I have no idea where they got them/discontinued products. I'm not doing any of this for profit (what good would it do to have a rookie like me attempting to persuade you something is amazing?), I have no sponsors, and everything presented here will just be the gosh darn truth. I'm doing this for the love of looking and feeling good, to share what I know and everything that should be known. As it's my blog, it would only fair that I have my own opinion on things.I mean no disrespect to others who have other ideas. I've seen so many beauty/wellness/how-to/style blogs by now that I wanted to create something that catered to me: that average of the average, the ones who dream still.
Also all photos on the blog are taken by me (please ask or credit me should you think about using them) unless otherwise credited.
I am unsure of what else to add right now, but that's my general introduction.

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