Wednesday, October 9, 2013

/Lenses/ GEO Xtra Bella Brown Circle Lenses

this was bought by me.

Here are the other pair of lenses I showed in a preview last month. I've been testing them out since then, seeing how it makes my eyes look. I was hoping these would be like the Mimi Almond Brown lenses and naturally enhance my dark brown eyes. Let's see how that turned out.

These are from Korea Big Eyes and were on sale (and still are) for $8. There was $6 shipping, but overall it was still cheaper than other places that have the same product. The main issue I've had with buying from this website is the shipping time. For this particular package I had to wait over a month where as Eyecandy's was able to deliver my package in about two weeks. That alone almost turned me off from purchasing there again.

The lenses are designed with a black ring around the diameter that spike inwards with a lighter brown. After checking the authenticity online (mine were authentic), I opened the bottles and let the lenses sit in multi-purpose solution over night before wearing them the next day. I felt initial discomfort in the left lens, but I dismissed it because the first time I wore my other lenses it was a little uncomfortable and I assumed it would go away in time. Here'e some close ups of the lens on my eye.

natural light

with flash

I really like the effect of these lenses. Even though they're brown, the color is lighter than my eyes which really helps to brighten them. Since they were so natural, I figured I could wear these Bella Brown lenses in tandem with the Princess Mimi Almond brown ones on days when I wanted to simply enhance my eyes rather than change their color.

I had such high hopes for wearing these lenses at least a year. But...every time I put the left lens in my eye, it was still painful. One day I looked closely in the mirror and saw something weird on the lens. It turned out to be torn! No wonder it was hurting...I thought about contacting the Korea Big Eyes for a replacement, but it was already a few weeks since I placed my order (the package took so long to get to me) and it clearly states this on the website:
"We DO NOT offer any RETURN/EXCHANGE/REFUND/REPLACE with the defects found after seal of vial has been opened. "

I felt like this:

yes, i made this, that's why it's so terrible...

Maybe not that dramatic. I don't think I would've been able to tell if the lenses were damages before opening the vials. Since then, I've tried to throughly examine my lenses. At least this was only $8, I don't feel so bad that I won't be wearing them anymore. Hmmphh, I liked the way these lenses looked, too..SO! I advise you inspect all lenses carefully before opening the vials and putting on lenses. Excitement can get the best of us when we lenses in the mail afters weeks and we want to try it out immediately. Also, It's particularly harmful if you continue to wear torn lenses (see the 2nd review). If you notice anything wrong with the lens before opening the vial, do contact your seller and request for a replacement. If the product is unopened, they surely oblige.

Even with this fiasco, I did go back to Korea Big Eyes and bought some other lenses. They're sale prices are just too good to pass up and I just hoped nothing like would happen again.

bright young person loves it

this much.

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