Monday, October 21, 2013

/Hair/ Palty Macaron Beige Hair Dye

this was purchased by me.

Coloring my hair has become a routine I quite enjoy. Well, I look forward to it ever couple of weeks even though I'm most likely damaging my hair.
Since I last used L'Oreal's light ash brown hair color, my hair has faded and become more orangey (in other words, brassy). With the intention to tone down the orange and cover my roots, I journeyed to Mitsuwa Market in search of a hair dye to fulfill my needs. What I really wanted wasn't stocked (Palty's bleach color in Hard Gold Brown) so I settled for this Palty dye in Macaron Beige.

My original intention was to bleach out my hair more, wait a week, and then use a cheaper American drugstore hair dye to balance out the unwanted tones (like red or orange), hopefully attaining the true color I wanted. That plan will have to wait. I chose Macaron Beige instead because I love macarons and I thought beige-ness shade would get rid of orange tones in my hair. Can you imagine if my hair ended up looking like a giant macaron? ...What a silly thought.
Anyway, this is what you get for around $11 (at Mitsuwa Market, elsewhere on the internet for $12-13 possibly before the cost of shipping).

basic contents: instructions, colorant, developer, gloves, comb-like applicator, tsubaki oil after color treatment

color chart (I want my hair to result in the top right color!!)

The instructions pamphlet is multilingual so it was easy to follow the directions and such. Applying hair color by myself has become quite easy over the past few months. I really used to worry about putting it on, thinking I'd miss places, but since nothing too terrible has happened yet I've grown confident in my methods. This was the state of my hair prior to the coloring.

see how my hair is slightly reddish in natural light?

also natural light

with flash

I went ahead and applied dye to my hair, roots first for 5 minutes, then the rest of my hair. I left it on for a total of 30-ish minutes. Shampoo'd 2x, conditioned, applied the tsubaki oil and ....tada!:

natural light

with flash

outside in natural light

with flash (decent root coverage, hm?)

I truly didn't notice much of a difference. My roots got dyed to match the rest of my hair, but everything else still looked kind of brassy. I was so sad when someone commented that my hair looked more red...However, on closer inspection of the last picture outside in the sun, my hair doesn't look so orangey/red. It's not completely cool and not too warm so the tone appeared to balance out some.
Overall, I sense my hair is still more orangey than I'd like. Even imagining there are slight gold tones, which I'm positive there are, can't quell my paranoia of having terrible brassy hair. I like Palty hair color, it works really well, but this color just didn't meet my standards. Oh, well, I'll have another go at hair color experimenting next month.

bright young person loves it

this much.

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