Thursday, October 17, 2013

/Body/ MOR Honey Nectar Hand Cream

this was purchased by me.

It's been a while since I last used a cream/lotion specifically for hydrating my hands. I usually like to have one with me because my hands can get really dry. So, for about a year and a half, maybe, I've been suffering from dry hands whenever I go out. I also often forget to moisturize my hands at night so I'm a constant dry skin sufferer (it must be because I'm so lazy).
One day I happened to go into Ulta, eventually making my way to the disheveled clearance section when this caught my eye. I have always been intrigued by MOR products because the packaging looks so nifty--it's kind of vintage looking with modern accents--and I always imagine they smell magical (at least from the descriptions of the scents).

As mentioned before, I found this hand cream in the clearance section so I paid about $8 instead of $14 (apparently the only places you can purchase MOR products at the moment are Ulta--although the brand isn't listed online, and until the official site gets updated). Considering there's only 2.7 oz/ 80 ml of product, it's still an expensive purchase for me....but the sale mentality got the better of me and I splurged.
The only hand cream left was the Honey Nectar scent. I was pleasantly surprised to find there was a safety seal on the tube (but also slightly disappointed as I couldn't sample the scent beforehand):


I trusted the description on the back which said it should smell as if "Sweet brown sugar melts away into golden honey nectar on a base of candied almonds and warm vanilla musk." I generally like sweet, vanilla, gourmand-y scents, but there is a fine line between decadently pleasing and cloyingly annoying (at least forme).I was relieved to discover that the hand cream is not too sweetly scented; there actually is a slight almond/nut note amidst the vanilla. I don't really catch any honey or brown sugar, but it seems to smell a bit like cream. A little like cookies? I mean, like, European cookies, like the Italian cookies I buy at Whole Foods sometimes...I forget the name, but the one with almonds and they're chewy. Ah, I digress. Back to the review.


I was pleased to find out the ingredients didn't have any parabens and that MOR doesn't do any animal testing with their products. The cream itself is very thick and white, the same color and consistency of vanilla frosting. I was excited to try it and reveal smoother hands to the world. I rubbed a pea-sized amount onto my hands, surprised at how easily the cream was absorbed into my skin. Usually with hand moisturizing products, they leave hands feeling greasy or sticky, but this leaves hands feeling normal. That was good. The cream also didn't leave a heavy aroma after the application. I can only detect the scent when I put my hands right up to my nose. It lingers for 10 minutes at most as it fades away. Even with all these positive qualities, there's something that troubles me. After applying the hand cream, letting it absorb completely, my skin still feels dry. I've attempted different methods such as using more hand cream at a time and successively using it once my skin starts feeling uncomfortably dry. Nothing seems to work...
I think it feels moisturizing initially as I start to rub the cream in, but afterwards it looks and feels completely dehydrated....It's such a shame because I like the scent of the hand cream and package design.

The bee really reminds me of Alexander McQueen. I think it's because the campaign featured a woman with what looked like honey all over her face...also some of their accessories feature bees.

I wish this hand cream worked better for me. It has numerous good points, but does nothing to help soothe my dry hands (which was the most important factor in my purchase) and was rather expensive. What a shame..I wonder if it's just me who's had bad luck with MOR's hand cream..? I'll keep using it, though, and indulge in its aroma.

bright young person loves it

this much.

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